The Magic and Terror of Automata

When I was in San Francisco I had a little woodshop in the garage and a seemingly endless supply of salvaged wood thanks to the constant restoration work going on with the Victorians in the area. Over the years I had become particularly fascinated with The Musée Mécanique, a collection of antique penny arcade machines and automata from the turn of the century. I began constructing my own crude boxes using found materials, puppets constructed from foam and latex and some advice from this excellent book. The boxes made their debut at two gallery openings, and many actually sold. Hopefully they are all still working…I…hope.

This couple who had heard about my boxes stopped by my apartment to possibly buy one. They said they wanted it for their kid’s room! I replied, “I don’t think these would be very appropriate.” They took one look, cringed and left. Surprise.

While I haven’t had the time to do much in the woodshop (which now languishes in my basement) I have been hashing out ideas for possible future ones.



First World Tragedies

These are the untold stories of hapless Americans who have their lives irreparably inconvenienced. Of course, once I found “White Whine” I quickly abandoned this series.


Body Hair…


Please stop the excessive body grooming, men. It’s nasty.


People of the New York Subway System

You can find the revised post here!


Your Sign is Far Worse…


You see a lot of these signs scattered throughout New York City, and you can almost always cound on them being:

  1. Hideously typeset, using the worst fonts ever to be preinstalled.
  2. Weathered and falling apart, adding ennui to what was once a lighthearted walk.
  3. A visual blight that overpowers any helpful message it intended to make.

So please, stop the dog-poop-sign madness.


Featured Artist


If I see one more serious/grim portrait of an artist or “one to watch” I am going to vomit. Cheer up, you’re being featured!


First the Panic…

First the Panic