Commercial Artists

Memphis College of Art, 1992. This was a video I shot at MCA after wondering why artists don’t have their own television commercials. So I asked a few people to give me a basic outline for how they wanted to represent themselves, and I shot and edited the rest on good old fashion VHS. Naturally they tend towards parodies of infomercials or biopics.


Fork was a short art film parody I did while at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1992. A meditation on eating and madness, with a dash of Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Maya Deren thrown in for some post-modern feminist depth, it was the beginning of a pervasive fork motif that would haunt my oeuvre forever. Entertaining and intentionally pretentious. Starring the luminous Hazel Cox, a friend since childhood. We literally ran into each other on Haight Street one day, not knowing that either one of us were living in San Francisco. She yelled “Jack Myers!” We were roommates shortly after that.