The Four Chefs

A blast from my past courtesy of my friend Jules. Not bad for a sketch we threw together at the 11th hour when our barbershop quartet didn’t quite gel.

The Cramm Murders

I’ve been ripping DVD backups of ancient VHS tapes housing my library of youthful exploits. I made a ton of home movies, mostly horror comedies, and loved making gory props for them. My bedroom looked like the photo below, and thankfully I had a very understanding and supportive family who encouraged creativity, otherwise I might be blogging from a pray-the-gay away institute. [singlepic id=122 w=480 h=360 float=left]This was one of many films I made in high school with my friends, and I’m posting these mainly for their benefit/embarrassment. Most of these films involved us making fun of our fellow students and/or killing them in comedic ways, so the jokes tend to be subjective. Please ignore my mullet, it’s a long story but I was nicknamed “Brillo” for a reason.

The Cramm Murders
The premise is simple, everyone who is friends with Tim Cramm dies. This includes Andrew Deutsch, Julie Odendahl, her boyfriend (at the time) Deklan and myself. As the lavish story unfolds, we find that everything we thought we knew about our protagonist has been turned dramatically upside down. With excellent performances by Mark and Andrew.