Elderly Classic Video Game Characters

I had a birthday recently, so (of course) I’ve been mulling over my disintegrating body and impending doom. Light stuff! OK, so I’m not that old, but still. I watched Wreck-It Ralph recently and between bursts of nostalgia, overwhelming ennui and being strangely attracted to Zangief, I wondered how my dear old arcade friends might be holding up these days. I assume, like most of us, they will never ever get to retire, so here I’ve imagined them in another 40-50 years: still plugging away, still at the mercy of the coin slot, still running relentlessly around their spritely domain, and a wee bit worse for wear.

MTV 10-Spot Drops

These were a series of shorts I created for MTV’s 10-Spot Drop several years ago at Transistor Studios. We would quickly throw together a rough pitch with storyboards that we could animate in a day or two. Any idea was game, as long as it was clever and could be quickly executed. We submitted upwards of 20 pitches at once and then MTV would let us know which were chosen and for what musicians and tracks. It was great for me creatively because I got to be as weird as I wanted, use my particular illustration/design sensibility, plus I got to use Anime Studio Pro, one of my favorite 2D character animation programs, along with Cinema4D for 3D elements and After Effects for compositing. Even now, years later, I still love these and wish more studios would give their animators this kind of freedom. Unfortunately all these went away after some internal upheaval at MTV.