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People of the New York Subway System

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  1. suggestion: the mover. someone who feels it appropriate to use the transit system to move furniture / large appliances.

  2. tobysummerfield

    I don’t have a witty name for these trolls, but they’re similar to the Gatekeeper, perhaps the inverse of the gatekeeper.
    One finds them crowded around the doors. They must enter the train before you can get off, will not move aside to allow riders to exit.

  3. brooklynasaurus

    Let us not forget The Leaner: those selfish folks who drape themselves on the poles so that no one else can hold on to them!

  4. Excellent suggestions, will add as I can. I truly do hate those door crowders who will not part to let people exit. The best method I have is to make WTF faces at them along with “shoo” hand gestures before the door opens.

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