I commute into NYC daily for my animation work and decided I should do something constructive with my train time instead of silly, intellectually enriching things like reading or meditation. Currently drawn on the iPad using Procreate, best drawing app hands down. Enjoy!

*Legalese and Righteous Copyright Declarations

(*Daily Doodles©™ may not actually be “daily” doodles. Weekends, holidays, vacations, gynecological or dental exams may cause a decrease in daily events. Common side effects of viewing Daily Doodles©™ may include nausea, dry mouth, vomiting, disturbing dreams, suicidal thoughts, flying cats, spontaneous human combustion and loose stool, which you should say 3 times really fast. Avoid contact with Google after viewing Daily Doodles©™ just in case I didn’t research an idea thoroughly and wound up inadventantly ripping off the endlessly hilarious Garfield. Avoid swimming, Barcaloungers and unattended dogs for one hour after reading Daily Doodles©™. Daily Doodles are trademarked and copyright protected and watermarked and booby-trapped beyond all human comprehension. Please do not reproduce them without attribution. Pretty please?)


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