Food is an animated short exploring the food chain, natural selection and the relationship between the consumer and the consumed. It pays homage to daytime television, bad horror movies and obtuse art films. It also contains cute birds, a telekinetic houseplant and something resembling meatloaf. Behold as the protagonist is threatened with eating utensils! Marvel at the lively and colorful anatomy lessons! Thrill at the refreshing lack of handheld cinematography! Wonder at Jack’s complete lack of timing and editing!

Granted, it was an art film after all. You should have seen some of the other “experimental” entries my poor film would be stuck with at early screenings. Simply awful, excruciating endurance videos.

Food was originally shot in 1999 with a digital video camera and animated/edited on a Macintosh with the crude, unstable software of the time. Since I was teaching myself the software, it took me about 2 years of intermittent work to complete. It had no budget other than a green sheet, some halogen lights and a bottle of wine (catering). Except for our dazzling actress Karen Shapiro, all sets, props and creatures were generated from stock photos or 3-D animation. This was my re-entry into animation after years of print based graphic design. While rough in execution, it caught the attention of enough people to wind up on PBS and in festivals worldwide, and ultimately connected me to the people who would open doors in the NYC motion graphic world.

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