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happy-landThe Maybe Block is, of course, a historic moment of ambivalence; the box most frequently checked on the romantic notes of our youth. It’s the box checked when either you dislike someone but are too nice to say it, or totally in love but don’t want to look too desperate. It is a thing of beauty, a small, empty box placed on the ballot simply for the sake of establishing hope…hope that a more concrete decision might be coming down the line. The Maybe Block is the nebulous dream of a better tomorrow, our first formal pledge to be coquettish assholes.

The Maybe Block is also a place for Jack to navel gaze and collect random detritus from his sordid pseudo-bohemian life, as well as a dumping ground for his muddled thoughts. He is getting old and forgetful, so it seemed a good idea to hammer some of this stuff out before he is reduced to a drooling sack of flesh draining our natural resources. He also likes to draw, sketch and doodle.

So hopefully there is enough content to keep you immobilized in your chair, eyes red and strained, mouth dry and unpleasant.

Please stop to walk around occasionally. Blood clots are dangerous.